Why You Should Learn Memory Techniques, No Matter Who You Are

Back to basics for this week's Question of the Week:

What are applications of memory techniques? Why should I learn to use them? 

In my daily life, I use memory techniques to learn exam material (e.g. for medical school), languages, presentations and speeches, names of people I meet, and more. As a memory competitor, I use them to memorize numbers, decks of cards, names and faces, historical dates, abstract images, words, and poetry. 

The bulk of my efforts are centered around learning medicine and languages (Chinese and Spanish).

Knowing how to learn is one of the most important tools at any stage of life. I believe memory techniques can help you make the most of your learning. They have certainly revamped the way I learn and think, in both my academic and personal lives. The techniques are about much more than simply recalling facts. They allow you to organize, access, and connect what you know in a way that capitalizes on your natural memory’s strengths. You learn faster while forgetting less. 

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