Coursera Interview with Nelson Dellis

Today I stumbled across this new Coursera interview with 4-time USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis. Nelson's got a lot of interviews out there, but I like this one especially for a few reasons. He hits your run-of-the-mill "How do I remember names?"-type questions while still tackling tougher subjects like "How can I apply mnemonics to learning concepts?". In answering the usual gamut of mnemonics questions, he branches into discussions about his "brain health" mission and how thinking like a kid can improve your memory. Whether you're an experienced mnemonist or have never even heard the phrase "memory palace," I'm betting you can find a few pearls here. Check it out if you've got a spare 20 minutes. And if you've got an extra 10 take the Extreme Memory Challenge! By the way, who knew Nelson spoke French?