Washington Post Article & Let's Talk Jackson Podcast

Two new pieces out today. 

The first is a Washington Post article centered around the recent USA Memory Championship. I spoke with the author, Devin, while stuffing my face with lunch between the morning and afternoon rounds. He covers the highlights of the competition and drops quotes from a few other competitors, including runner-up Brad Sundstrom. Devin interweaves the competition results with bits about memory techniques and science quite smoothly. Check it out.

The second is a 30-min podcast interview I did with Beau York for his show "Let's Talk Jackson" (Jackson = where I live). This one was really cool for me since it's the only podcast I've done actually in the studio, mics and everything. Pretty fun. We get into the basics of memory competitions and how the sport works before delving into a bit about Mullen Memory. 

Hope you enjoy!