A smart learner is a savvy memorizer.
Here's how to use memory palaces to learn.


The Basics

(Series #1) Get the basics on the memory palace, and learn how a beginner can start implementing this learning strategy. 

Step Up

(Series #2) Take your technique to the next level with better palaces and images. Includes real-time demo and our highest-yield tips.

Study Habits

Memory palaces are most powerful when used in a balanced learning strategy. Here are our favorite general learning tips. 


Plenty of tutorials will tell you what a memory palace is, but we explore how to actually put them into practice as learning tools. Together—a physician and a physician/three-time world memory champion—we've modified the memory techniques used by competitive memorizers, combining them with evidence-based strategies of effective learning, to explore and improve our retention of medicine, languages, and more.







Memory Sports