The 20 Word Challenge

We've got a new video, one I've been excited about for a while: the "20 Word Challenge"! Here's the deal: I take 7 minutes and walk you through a 20-loci memory palace to remember a list of 20 random words. Just follow along and see how many you can recall at the end. I bet you'll surprise yourself. I'm especially excited about this one because it's an exercise I love to do with memory technique newcomers. Initially, many (if not most) are convinced that using memory techniques is simply beyond their capability. By the end, all are able to recall nearly every word. It's a great confidence builder and demonstrates that everyone really can do it. The stuff works, people. Cathy and I will be doing our best to produce new tutorials and videos, but with our USMLE Step 1 Exam swiftly approaching, we'll probably down the Step rabbit hole for a while. Stay tuned for mid-August when we emerge and must re-assimilate into civilized society. Thus begins our year off!