After two days of traveling, I'm finally in China! My wife, my father-in-law, and I have been enjoying tons of spicy food, exploring the gardens and reserves, and trying not get stampeded by mopeds (all thanks to my father-in-law's ninja world traveler skills). The weather's been overcast but fortunately just warm enough for us to walk around. Chengdu is huge. I live in Jackson, Mississippi, and I was expecting Chengdu to be the Jackson of China. It's not. It might not be New York big, but turns out it's much more like Chicago on steroids. I've been doing a tiny smidgen of studying and training each day as well, and I'm getting really excited for the WMC coming up in a few days! I'll be posting as many live updates as I can during the competition, so check my Twitter for that. I'll also be posting an interview I did with fellow American team member Brad Zupp in the next day or two. Go Team USA!