Memory in a Week: 5 Memory-Themed Podcast Episodes for Earbuds Podcast Collective

earbuds podcast collective five memory-themed podcast episodes alex mullen memory

I curated a list of 5 memory-themed podcast episodes for EarBuds Podcast Collective (@EarbudsPodCol) this week. You can find the full EPC post here. Here are my day-by-day recommendations:

MONDAY: TED Radio Hour - Memory Games - 53 minutes

TUESDAY: Radiolab - Limits of the Mind - 19 minutes

WEDNESDAY: The Tim Ferriss Show - Ed Cooke, Grandmaster of Memory, on Mental Performance, Imagination, and Productive Mischief - 73 minutes

THURSDAY: A Better Life with Sanjay Gupta - Memory Palace - 30 minutes

FRIDAY: Becoming SuperHuman - USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis on Memory, Tenacity, and Conquering Anything - 42 minutes

Hope you enjoy!