New York, New York

Training for this year’s USA Memory Championship (March 29) is winding down. Here’s the agenda. I’m underprepared, probably more so than last year as far as practice hours. That said, thanks to a new system and another year of experience, I’m definitely better and more confident.

Couple of facts: There’s a new venue—St. Vartan’s Conference Center on 2nd Ave. Plus, Nelson Dellis, who I’d previously said wouldn’t be competing this year, is back to defend his title. It’s also on Sunday instead of the usual Saturday, which actually works well since I won’t have to miss Friday classes. I’ll be flying up Saturday morning, leaving Monday night. What I’ll end up doing the rest of Saturday is still a mystery. I have yet to work out a pre-competition ritual. Most of the top competitors tend to just relax, so the hotel hot tub’s probably where I’ll be. I’m pumped to see everyone I met last year and the handful of newbies and oldies I’ve been corresponding with.

More to come soon!