How Should Medical Students Use Memory Techniques in the Clinical Setting? [Video]

Ever wondered how best to apply memory techniques in the clinical setting? Should I use memory palaces for patient interviews? For presentations? How might practicing physicians make use of memory techniques? These are questions we’ve been getting a lot recently. In the video below, we give an overview of how we think memory techniques are best applied in clinical practice. There’s much more detail to explore—as we plan to do in future posts—but this discussion should provide a starting point. Hope you enjoy. Let us know in the comments how you’ve applied memory techniques in your clinical experience!

Tools mentioned:

OLD CARTS: characterizing the chief complaint (Onset, Location, Duration, Character, Aggravating factors, Relieving factors, Timing, Severity)

PAD BUNS: surgical review of systems (Pain, Ambulation, Diet, Bowel movements, Urination, Nausea/Vomiting, Shortness of breath)

The Body Palace: medical review of systems (check out our full description of the body palace technique here)