PRYMD Podcast

Here's a recent podcast I did for PRYMD, a podcast/blog/organization dedicated to optimizing mental performance. The cool thing is that both hosts are in the medical field as well (one's a physician and the other's a medical student like myself), so we dug extra deep into memory techniques as they relate to learning a subject like medicine. Regular followers will find some familiar material, but there's definitely some newer, nitty-gritty stuff--keeping track of palaces, reviewing with Anki, transitioning from palaces to long-term memory--in the mix too. Hope you enjoy!

Feature in The New Yorker

Sorry to be bombarding with articles, but this is one I'm really excited about: The New Yorker! Probably the most in-depth, personal piece I've done. Thanks to author Ian Frisch for writing a really cool article. He and photographer Jonno Rattman came over to my parents' apartment outside New York the day after the USA Memory Championship. It was a surreal experience, and I'm pretty sure my parents, Ian, Jonno, and I were just discussing random, non-memory related things most of the time. We even went out for Memphis-style barbecue toward the end. After they left, I was worried I hadn't given him enough to work with. But the man knows what he's doing. Check it out by clicking the photo below. Hope you enjoy!

Photo by Jonno Rattman for The New Yorker

Photo by Jonno Rattman for The New Yorker

Washington Post Article & Let's Talk Jackson Podcast

Two new pieces out today. 

The first is a Washington Post article centered around the recent USA Memory Championship. I spoke with the author, Devin, while stuffing my face with lunch between the morning and afternoon rounds. He covers the highlights of the competition and drops quotes from a few other competitors, including runner-up Brad Sundstrom. Devin interweaves the competition results with bits about memory techniques and science quite smoothly. Check it out.

The second is a 30-min podcast interview I did with Beau York for his show "Let's Talk Jackson" (Jackson = where I live). This one was really cool for me since it's the only podcast I've done actually in the studio, mics and everything. Pretty fun. We get into the basics of memory competitions and how the sport works before delving into a bit about Mullen Memory. 

Hope you enjoy!

Feature on BBC Future!

A while ago I spoke with someone from the BBC, and yesterday I was very pleased to find this! The author, Helen Thompson, explores the history of memory palaces and gets into my own story and techniques for cards, numbers, etc. She also spoke with 2x world memory champion Jonas von Essen. A little biased, but I think she did a great job, although the Sherlock comparison may be a bit much! Click the photo below to check it out.