Recalling the Order of Images on a Locus

Here's a question I've been getting a lot recently. I've added it to the FAQ.

When you have multiple images in one locus, how do you remember their order?

Since I use "single-image" systems -- each digit/card/etc group always translates to a single image -- I must still recall the order of images within each locus. Contrast that with PA- or PAO-type systems, which by definition give you...

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New Content: Tutorials & FAQ

Cathy and I have been hard at work updating the site over our winter break, and it's finally ready! In addition to the new look, I'm excited to introduce new content:

  1. Beginner video tutorial series "Getting Started with Memory Techniques": my 6-video, 18 minute intro to applying the memory palace technique to learning. I plan to post much more video content in the coming months as well, including more advanced strategies and examples of how I memorize anything and everything. 
  2. Frequently Asked Questions page: I cover all kinds of memory technique and memory sports questions, from "Can anyone learn to use memory techniques?" to "What is your training schedule like?"

I'd love to hear your thoughts. If you've got a question about memory techniques or suggestion for the site, send me a message!