Interview with a Memory Expert: Memory Athlete Brad Zupp

I had a recent chat with Brad Zupp, a 47-year-old vet of the memory competition circuit and one of America’s best memorizers. Brad helped Team USA pull in the 2nd place team prize at last year’s World Memory Championship. At the 2014 event, he broke his own national record in the spoken numbers event, recalling 150 digits after hearing them spoken aloud at 1 digit per second. Brad’s at the top of the pack among those who’ve adapted their memory expertise to help students, businesses, and more. Check out his website for more about his fun memory empowerment presentations. He’s a friend, a fierce competitor, and a real memory expert. In a quick chat, we delve into his entry into the memory world, his motivation, and some of his favorite memory memories...

"I think my biggest motivation is always to show people that no matter how old one is, a better memory is possible. Exercising our minds is essential, but it can be easier and more fun than people realize!"
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