Plenty of tutorials will tell you what a memory palace is, but we explore how to actually put them into practice as sustainable learning tools. Together, we've modified the memory techniques used by competitive memorizers to enhance our learning and retention. Using memory techniques effectively and sustainably can be challenging without the right approach. We're a nonprofit whose aim is to find the strategies that can make memory techniques an effective piece of anyone's learning toolkit. 


Mullen Memory CNN
Photo credit: Tate Nations

Photo credit: Tate Nations

Alex Mullen

TWO-TIME world memory champion, co-founder

Alex Mullen graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2014 with degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Statistics. He is a third-year medical student at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. Alex is the 2015 & 2016 world memory champion—the first American to win the title—and the highest point scorer in the 25-year history of the competition. Holder of ten memory world records, he is the top-ranked memory athlete in the world. Alex is also the 2016 USA Memory Champion. His favorite events are cards and numbers. He can memorize the order of a deck in under 20 seconds, 30+ decks in an hour, and 3,000+ digits in an hour. When not learning medicine or memorizing cards, Alex is probably walking the dog or eating guac with friends.


Cathy Chen


Cathy Chen graduated from Princeton University in 2014 with a degree in Chemical and Biological engineering. She is currently a medical student at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. While Cathy isn't a competitive memorizer, she's talked shop with the world memory champion for years. Cathy works closely with Alex to adapt and enhance the memory palace technique for general learners. She uses their techniques in her daily studies. When she's not helping the memory champ remember where he left his wallet, Cathy's probably texting her sister or taking pics of the dog.